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Mass Text Messaging™

The Best Way To Get The Word Out About Your Brand

Mass Text Messaging™ enables you to make vital announcements to customers. It helps to get the word out about brand new product lines and pushes impulse buys that keeps customers in the know. Our Mass Text & Ringless Voicemail service platform helps your business connect more efficiently with your customers by alerting them to the best new deals straight to their cell phone.

What Is Mass Text Messaging™ and What Do We Do?

Mass Text Messaging is a service that is dedicated to helping your business communicate with your customers. Any company understands how important communication is to boost success towards growth, and Mass Text Messaging makes that a possibility.

Through our text messaging service, we can keep your business in the customers’ mind to encourage and push purchases that they may have otherwise missed. By planting the seeds and drawing attention to existing stock and offering a simple and easy-to-understand text, Mass Text Messaging helps you connect with anyone with previous approval for marketing communications.

With these announcements, you can push alerts, coupons or alternative marketing techniques to boost sales and see and increase sales. If you are hoping to open up communication channels for both new and existing clients or customers, Mass Text Messaging is the service for you.

Why Use Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing is nothing new, and it’s something that many major companies take advantage of to share information and updates with their customers. The reason for this is that it has been proven to be effective. To get a better understanding of why Mass Text Messaging is right for you, here are the three main benefits why you should consider text message marketing.

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Ensures High Volume of SMS Deliver using a Local Number

You can send massive volumes of SMS offers to a broad range of contacts in your address book who have allowed for marketing communications. It is capable of sending bulk messages and will cope with the workload efficiently. By using a local number, it also ensures the highest response rate.

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Ease of Use

With an easy-to-understand interface, Mass Text Messaging™ is intuitive and straightforward. You will find it straightforward when it comes to navigating the platform and therefore provides all you need for marketing demands. As the platform is so simple, there will also be no need for extensive training to understand the intricacies of the service. Instead, you can hit the ground running.

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Reasonable and Competitive Pricing

Price is always a factor regardless of what you use when heading and maintaining a business. Understandably, you want to maximise and control your profit margin as much as you can, and the reasonable and competitive pricing at Mass Text Messaging™ allows for that. Our service provides superb value with plans starting at just $20/month, the lowest rate on the market across 80 different countries worldwide.

Mass Text Messaging™ Offers a Better Quality Text Marketing Thanks To Its 2000+ Integrations

Use Mass Text Messaging's Zapier Integration to Automate Monotonous and Tedious Tasks

Every business owner understands the value of time in the day-to-day operations of their company. With this in mind, you should do everything you can to minimise wasted time when doing routine processes that can be the biggest drain on efficiency.

Mass Text Messaging helps to streamline and simplify your day-to-day text marketing though its useful and intuitive Zapier Integration. By using Zapier, you can develop and set action steps across your CRM, webform, and other areas to trigger Mass Text Messaging, sending the correct SMS to the right contact group.

By embracing Zapier, you will have more time to focus on developing new ideas and find yourself with all the time you need to push towards more significant success.

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Mass Text Messaging™ Pricing Plans

Flexible Pricing Plans for Small to Large Businesses

United States

Messages will be deducted from your membership balance. Additional messages may be purchased in your portal and will deduct from your balance at the same message rate set by your membership. You only pay for successful deliveries.


9.9 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


No Monthly Commitment
Fund Your Account
$ 50
Add More Anytime
Additional Messages
Per Message


2.9 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
1,587 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.9 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
11,628 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.7 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
25,641 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.5 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
57,143 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.4 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
121,212 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.2 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
275,862 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


as low as
$ 0.004 Per Message
(Rates Vary By Tier)

$ 100+

Minimum Monthly Commitment
Perfect For
High Volume
Bring Your Own
SIP Trunks

Why are millions of businesses choosing to work alongside Mass Text Messaging™?

Why Choose Mass Text Messaging™?

Whether your business works in retail, ecommerce, hospitality, or software services, among a plethora of other industries, there is an overabundance of companies that do the very same thing as you. Text message services are undoubtedly the most effective way for you to spread the word to your customers, and it;’s something that competitors may not be using.

Rather than clog up your consumer’s inboxes with ignored emails, take advantage of using text message marketing and become one of the few companies who have embraced such measures. A text message never goes unnoticed, especially as social communication is regularly done over other messaging services. By being so unique, it will catch your customer’s attention.

Text messages give your offer and announcement the chance to be heard on a mass scale without blowing the budget on radio, TV, or billboard advertising. With Mass Text Messaging, you can kickstart your campaign as soon as you finish typing out the first announcement.

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Mass Text Messaging™ Messaging Thread

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Starting a Mass Text Campaign Has Never Been More Straightforward

The Key Features of Mass Text Messaging™

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Local Number Pooling

Mass Text Messaging's number pooling feature allows you to distribute texts to individual customers in the local area when matching to their area code. Doing this allows you to boost your responses and engagement rate for your campaign dramatically. We will consistently check up on and monitor the number pool to ensure that we can maximise delivery rate, responses, sales and conversions. If needed, we will rotate new numbers in to increase performance. Local number pooling also allows you to distribute messages much more efficiently compared to the traditional methods of sending via caller ID.

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Detailed Analytics

To ensure you understand what's working and what isn't, we provide detailed analytics to track different aspects of your sending process, including delivered messages, inbound texts, inbound calls, and specific carriers which block your messages.

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Conversational Threads

Conversations between you and your customer will help build a stronger business relationship. Mass Text Messaging™ allows you to set up conversation threads that help you respond to customers on a one-to-one basis. Furthermore, use canned messages to answer any FAQs efficiently.

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Drip Delivery

It's easy for sales teams to feel overwhelmed with rapid response rates. If you want to avoid such a situation, Mass Text Messaging's Drip Delivery feature will schedule deliveries to send gradually throughout the day. It is designed so that messages will not exceed the designated hourly limit, allowing your sales team to provide each response the attention it deserves.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is useful when customers call back to send messages. If you are unable to take the call, automatic voice recordings will answer instead. Rather than let the call ring out, this ensures a professional impression and provides customers with all the information they need.

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SMS Forwarding

SMS Forwarding allows customers to respond to texts without accessing your phone number. While you want to promote products and deals, you also want to maintain privacy. SMS Forwarding is the solution to that.

See why millions of businesses choose Straight To Voicemail™!

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Call Forwarding

Similarly, Call Forwarding connects customers directly to via calls without sharing your phone number.

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Bulk Contact Uploads

To make using our service more comfortable and streamlined, we provide you the opportunity to integrate it with your CRM and lead generation software. Our universally supported CSV format ensures we can import millions of contacts from one system to another and can even handle international number formats.

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Worldwide Delivery

We understand the global scope of modern business, and so we accommodate sending to international numbers. Our service is capable of sending SMS to over 80 countries.

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SMS Autoresponder

Immediate feedback is often vital to customers who need answers as soon as possible. With the SMS Autoresponder feature, you can create automated responses that are triggered by keywords from frequently asked questions to provide a fast answer and save you answering the same question throughout the day.

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Bulk MMS is also a possibility, and this allows you to send rich and attractive content, including images and videos to your customers, which is useful for discount coupons marketing videos.

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It's easy to add SMS into your CRM and sales workflows which help to trigger SMS with more than 2000 integrations.

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Mass Text Messaging™ provides an open API capable of sending high volume SMS and ringless voicemail

Did you know?

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If you are looking for ways to boost your marketing communication and do something different from your competitors, Mass Text Messaging™ provides a plethora of tools to make your text campaigns stand out. This comes complete with a lead generation which you can add to your email campaigns for clients to opt-in.

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Across the world, around 56 billion texts are sent each month, and these come with a 98% open rate. If you are looking to communicate more effectively with potential customers, SMS gives you the chance to spread awareness and announce yourself to the world, while also allowing recipients to respond when they please.

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Why are millions of businesses choosing to work alongside Mass Text Messaging™?